Magic!Anon: Jeff has a cartoon-like physiology ( is able to morph his body ) and cant suffer long term injuries

A-hahaa~! Welcome to the forest, step closer, don't be shy! Are you sure you wanna come in? Because once you enter... we won't let you scape. We'll let you ask us, Slendy or me -the most dangerous creepypastas!- one question before we bring the end of your existence... so enjoy your last minutes of life~

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*Art sighed and scratched the back of his head while looking away. The kid was right; there was no real reason for them to be fighting except that it was fun to see him get mad. The cat looked down at Jeff and smiled, placing a clawed hand on top of the killer’s head to ruffle his hair*

A: I… suppose you’re right. Even though it is pretty fun to tease you. 

Next time I’ll just make sure to bite one of your fingers off *he relaxed as he felt Arthur’s hand on his head, resting his head again on his lap and turning around to watch the movie with him* What are you watching on TV?

I could be drawing right now
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"Depends how much you put in his eyes~" He said, watching as Jeff sat by the man. 

Seeing how Jeff approached and loomed over him, the man was shivering and stuttering without any words actually forming. He whimpered and tried to flinch away from his touch. He wasn’t able to reply with how he could hardly breath properly— much less was he able to speak or think clearly. 

"Poor thing" he laughed gently, pulling the man’s cheek harshly before standing up again. "Would he die if we poke one of his eyes out?" he cocked an ‘eyebrow’. "Do you think you’d die?" he took a quick look at the man. "Shayde we have to give him mentos and coke I want to see if he dies with it or at least we should do that to someone else"


*Art looked down at Jeff who had unceremoniously laid down on his lap. Then raised his hands up to show he was not touching him out of fear that Shayde would be nearby and see them like this. Not that he minded Jeff trying to cuddle with him, it was just a little awkward that he was being so sudden about it*

Uh… Nothing much… You?

…nothing. *Pressing his face against his stomach, he just nuzzled him and relaxed* …I just thought we could try to get on well together.

*With that said, he looked up at him* …I just find no point on us having to pick on each other.

whimsicalwitchcraft asked:
★ - Desu <3 <3

If we kissed:

  • [S] This wouldn’t happen.
  • [] Oh disgusting.
  • [] Again, again.
  • [] Kiss you back.
  • [] Let’s take this to the bedroom.
  • [] Slap/Push you away.
  • [J J J J] Be confused

If you asked me out I’d say:

  • [S] Um no.
  • [J] I’m taken-
  • [] Sure.

Can we cuddle?:

  • [S] No.
  • [] Ew.
  • [] Sure.
  • [J (he adores your jeff for some reason)] YES.


  • [] Let’s do it.
  • [J] No. You can’t handle my d.
  • [] FUCK YES.
  • [S] No.

Should you reblog this?:

  • [] Yes. I want to send you one.
  • [if you want to] Yes.
  • [] No.
  • [] You already did.


"I want him in perfect condition because if he’s already weak when we start it’s not as fun." He snorted and straightened out the items. "Nah. Death by tickling is a fate I’ve reserved for you. Sorry~" He stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend and picked up the smelling salts that he had. "Usually i just start with making a few little cuts on them with whatever and sprinkle a little salt and lemon juice on the wounds. And yeah, the cheeks could be a nice touch. hey, it’s a trade of creativity, baby. If you’ve got any more ideas, speak up~" He grinned and placed the salts under the mans nose. They seemed to jolt him awake pretty effectively. He laid there for a bit in a daze, then started looking around and struggling when the confusion and panic set in. 

(?)”Oh God… o-oh God oh my God. P-Please let me go, God, please don’t hurt me!” He started breathing heavily, staring at the two teenagers with a panicked and pleading expression, especially when he realized who Jeff was. 

"I hate you" he jokingly glared at him, taking a look at the things on the desk. "What would happen if we throw salt at his eyes. Would he end up blind or?" he cocked an eyebrow. The sudden yells of the man interrupted his talking, so he just gave him an annoyed look and pulled off his hoodie as he walked closer and sat next to him to tower over him. "Or we could pull his teeth out" he brushed the hair away from the man’s face. "So, what’s your name?"





*Art was sitting on the couch watching a movie while eating popcorn, tail flicking lazily back and forth. Then there was a knocking sound at the door. Without even glancing at it, the cat called out*

A: Door’s open!

*He continued to much, but when the banging on the door resumed he growled softly*

A: I said it’s open!

*He was tired. He was tired of having to argue with him all the time, or fight. He didn’t want to do it anymore. After all, he looked like a cool guy. And he knew they could get on well. And as much as the voices in his head were telling him not to do it, he wouldn’t listen this time.

Without saying anything after hearing the door was open, Jeffrey stepped inside and looked around to find him. He closed the door, then began to walk to him and sat next to him; wrapping his arms around his waist to lay on his side and lean his head on his lap*



"Gracias~" The neko smiled and shifted to let the smaller killer take one of the victim’s arms. With a hold on the other arm, Shayde began dragging him away the short distance they were from their home. When they reached the door, Shayde was able to take the man and move him on his own, bringing him down to the chamber far below the house. It took a while to reach the area since Shayde was almost balancing the man on his back since he could carry more weight in that position. It’s tough doing that going down various flights of stairs. However, upon reaching the chamber, the baker let the man slip onto one of the tables. He strapped him in secure to make sure he wouldn’t be able to move when he was awake. "Alright. Now let’s get the stuff… How about you pick out what looks interesting to use first when I bring them?" He smirked and went back up the stairs to bring down all of the instruments he’d gotten out earlier in the kitchen. When he came back, he set the tray onto a wheeled cart to set it close to the table where the man was held down. 

"It’s kind of making me feel bad" he rolled his eyes as he watched Shayde take him down the stairs. "Why don’t you just throw him it’d be faster" He was obviously being sarcastic before. Following him, he just observed all he did until the man was tied up. "What about tickling him to death. We can cut his cheeks a bit first, I want to see someone else with this amazing smile of mine" he snorted. "There are so many things, though. I wouldn’t be able to decide… what do you usually start with?"