Magic!Anon: Jeff has a cartoon-like physiology ( is able to morph his body ) and cant suffer long term injuries

A-hahaa~! Welcome to the forest, step closer, don't be shy! Are you sure you wanna come in? Because once you enter... we won't let you scape. We'll let you ask us, Slendy or me -the most dangerous creepypastas!- one question before we bring the end of your existence... so enjoy your last minutes of life~

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Are you lost?


((Shayde belongs to Shaydemod yep

art gets better as video goes on

this is still the sketch video, the ones who’ve been for a longer time with us will get the story

quick sum up of it bc im only going to write it on the finished video: seven years ago jeff attacked shayde and almost killed him (they were hte boyfriends) and jeff left because he was scared he’d hurt him again but got trapped in an asylum. he escaped and they found each other again but for many reasons they didnt come back together after some months


((what about choosing Sylveon to make him a magical princess pokemon gijinka. i was going to make im an umbreon but two magic anons at the same time is good


Im not sure the new IT guy knows what he is doing…


gdfi shayde. So hard to get right x’DD

if youre drawing his masive dick then i understand

ask-offenderman asked:
Hey brother... *He yawned and purred softly* W-would you mind helping me out, I'm just so tired for some reason.... *He murmured softly but loud enough to hear.*

*The slender being stepped out from between the trees, staring at him* Ḭ͛ ̱̽ĥ̞a̮̽v̝͋e̗͐ ͍̆n͓͑ŏ͚ ̞̇b̭͂r͇̃o̭̅t̗̅h̹̿e̬͌ṟ̈́s̻͠ ́ *he grunted, his voice sounding from all around the forest instead of from himself* W͈͝h̯̀y̻̅ ͍̔s̮͗h̩̎o̘͠ű̮l͈̀ḓ̚ ͉̑Ĭ̯ ̻͊h͙̅e̛̘l͓̓p̙͠ ̭̇y̰͆ó̺ư̩?̘̐ ̰͋W͇̌ḥ͘å̱ẗ̫́ ̢̄d̯̏i̲̋ḍ̿ ̙̄y̞̒ǒ̝u̟͊ ̟̽d̫̽o̩͌?͚͝


Angry Dek’kone is my son hhh





For a second I thought this was the new supernatural season ten opener

I think anyone who watches Supernatural all thought the same thing

It looks about right

for the episode that ends in tragedy, but Destiel is made canon, right?

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ask-shayde asked:
then ill suck your dick until it hurts cause i may be in the mood to suck cock, too... like always~ *he lightly pinched Jeff's bottom lip and tugged it before letting it go again* But really, where should we go to fuck shit up?

I don’t like the people that live across your older self house. They’re so… so… just look at them god damn it. Lets get rid of them please

ask-shayde asked:
They cut the kidneys open and they stick their dicks in the- o W *He yelped when Jeff hit his cheek. He whined and rubbed the spot, getting the hint and lifting the hood just enough to uncover his eyes* I'm gonna bite you on the ass

I didn’t ask what you do with kidneys, I wanted to know what they do with them *he chuckled darkly as he felt his hand on his cheek* You’re saying that as if I wasn’t going to like it

Anonymous asked:
You make me sick